Dr. Woodrow Yeaney is a board certified vascular surgeon.  He specializes in the care of varicose veins, aortic aneurysms, and peripheral arterial disease.  Other services offered include kidney and iliac artery stent placement for hardening of the arteries, AV fistula creation for dialysis and carotid endarterectomy for stroke prevention. 
Dr. Yeaney practices the newest minimally invasive vascular techniques, including peripheral atherectomy for painful, achy legs, and non-healing wounds on the feet.  Aortic Aneurysms are treated using a minimally invasive covered stent graft (aortic endograft) to maximize patient recovery time. Varicose veins are treated in the office with a state of the art radiofrequency ablation device.  Cosmetic procedures for varicose vein removal and spider vein injection (sclerotherapy) are also available. 
Dr. Yeaney practices at both Blake Medical Center and Manatee Memorial Hospital.